Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Review

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Sep 13
Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Review
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Tired of driving to the gym in order to use its running facilities? Is there no good place to run in the neighborhood? Planning to go on a running session any time of the day and night? All these problems can be solved with a simple running device easily accessible at home.

Why go to the gym when there is a reliable treadmill at home? Why wait for the sun to rise in order to go for a run? Exercise and run all you want with a Merax Electric Treadmill in the house.

Merax MS020307BAA JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine

Features of the Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill:

  • Contemporary folding design
  • Perfect size for home use
  • Rolling wheels for easy transport
  • Multi-functional LCD display
  • Low noise motor
  • With safety or emergency stop key
  • Cushioned deck
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 3 pre-set training programs
  • 3 incline positions
  • 1 to 10 km/hour or 0.62 to 6.2 MPH for speed
  • Running deck: 14 inches x 44 inches
  • Product weight: 70 lbs.
  • 500W rated and peak power
  • 110V rated voltage
  • 220 lbs. weight capacity
  • Assembled dimensions: 25 inches x 45 inches x 58 inches
  • Folded dimensions: 25 inches x 25 inches x 51 inches
  • Motor and frame warranty for 1 year


The Merax Electric Treadmill has many features as well as benefits to offers its users. First on the line is the motor capacity of this particular treadmill brand.

This treadmill has a power capacity of 500W and can run as fast as 10 km. per hour. Both that speed and power can be exhibited even when applied with a weight that could reach as heavy as 200 lbs.

If one is looking for a powerful treadmill, the motor of this treadmill brand can go hand in hand with other leading and more expensive treadmill brands.

Another advantage of this treadmill is its design, which is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but is also made to have a practical function. The design is very contemporary so it can blend well in almost all types of room backgrounds.

There is no need to worry about the treadmill being an eyesore or out of place in a certain room because of the product’s neutral and contemporary design.

Also, the treadmill was constructed for easy transport and storage. For easy storage, the treadmill has a foldable design that can be adjusted anytime when it has to be stored or transported.

There is no need to worry for the equipment to be unnecessarily damaged during transport for it can be folded easily. As for easy transport, the treadmill has wheels that make moving the device from one place to another fast and easy. Hence, transport is easy despite the heavy weight of the running equipment.

To add, the treadmill is very user-friendly. It has an easy-to-use interface and a clear LCD display that enables one to keep track of the statistics of the runner as well as his condition. It has pre-installed running programs that could cater to the running needs of users, especially those who are in for a serious running session.

Moreover, this treadmill is not just for simple walking and running for it can also be an aid for serious or professional runner training. The incline feature of the treadmill makes it possible for the runner to train for uphill or downhill running.

Finally, the deck is also to be noted well. Because of its cushioned deck, those with injuries are treated with a softer running surface that will prevent or limit further stress to the feet, ankle, and entire body. There is also enough room for long running strides with the wide dimensions of the running surface.

To cap everything, one would be delighted to know that the manufacturers of this treadmill are offering a one (1) year warranty for its motor and frame.


The Merax Electric Treadmill also has its fair share of downsides that each and every interested purchaser should know of. One reported issue about the treadmill is the fact that the display only comes in metric units and cannot be changed into other units that one is used to.

There are also some reports that after half an hour of use, there are times that the treadmill stops running and has to be restarted – and when powered back on, the previous running data are entirely lost. There is also some feedback that the treadmill can be too light and small – this could pose a problem for those users who are on the heavy side.


Overall, the Merax Electric Treadmill is a good running device to start with. There is some negative feedback about the product, which are mostly minor and often only happen in rare circumstances, but the positive features of the treadmill and its accompanying benefits outweighed the cons by a mile.

Find a reliable and powerful treadmill for everyday use with this one. It is also a bonus that the product is reasonably affordable.

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