How to Lube a Treadmill: A Quick and Easy Guide

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Oct 24
How to Lube a Treadmill: A Quick and Easy Guide
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Congratulations! You have finally progressed in your goal to live a healthier lifestyle. And with the help of your trusty treadmill, you have managed to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Now, it is your turn to take care of your fitness equipment–learn how to lube a treadmill the right way as well as know what kind of lubricant you should use.

While it is true that by choosing to work out at home, you will have to take on the responsibility of maintaining your own equipment, which can be dreadful and tiresome, especially for someone with a hectic schedule. But for some people, the advantages of having a home gym far outweigh the disadvantages of having none.

Just think about it this way; if you already have a treadmill at home that works great for you, then the hardest part is over! After all, it is much more difficult to choose the right equipment when you are presented with tons of choices–all those different makes and models of treadmills, as well as the various brands competing and claiming to be better than the other, can be overwhelming.

Moreover, it is also true that there are modern treadmills that were designed to require little to no maintenance at all. But regardless of what their manufacturers claim, the benefits of a well-lubricated treadmill are difficult to disregard.

What Can Lube Do for Your Treadmill

  • Reduces Friction

A treadmill lubricant helps reduce the friction between the treadmill belt and the motor, which ensures that your machine is running as smoothly as possible, and any wear and tear or damage is alleviated.

  • Prolongs the Machine’s Lifespan

Keeping the treadmill belt well-lubricated will result in a smooth usage which will also help prolong the lifespan of your machine. After all, a treadmill is not exactly a cheap investment. So, more likely than not, you are going to want to keep it working well for as long as possible!

  • Lessens Noise Level

A treadmill lubricant also lessens the noise caused by using the machine, as well as prevent the treadmill belt from getting brittle each time you turn your treadmill on and off.

  • Ensures User’s Safety

If the treadmill is well-lubricated, then it is more likely to remain in tip-top shape. And we all well know that a machine that works fine is far from being the cause of accidents. For example, you don’t have to worry about your machine suddenly stopping or breaking down in the middle of your sprint.

So, what exactly makes a good treadmill lubricant?

How to Choose a Lube for your Treadmill

While there is a variety of different brands of treadmill lubricant out there, and it may seem like you are spoiled for choice, the truth of the matter is that there is not a lot of extreme variations between these different brands.

A standard formula was discovered to work well, and these manufacturers were left with little chance to deviate. Of course, that is not to say that all treadmill lubricants are created equal, but know that you do not have to stress too much about choosing a brand and sticking to it.

Two things matter when choosing a treadmill lubricant:

  1. The formula
  2. The application

The first point is given because what good is a lubricant if it does not, well, lubricate? Normally, the treadmill manufacturer will indicate what kind of lubricant the equipment needs. You can find that information either in the instruction manual or online through the manufacturer’s website.

The Formula

  • Content and Consistency

The most common lubricant that most treadmill models require is the silicone-based. Look for a lubricant that is made from 100% silicone with good consistency.

The Application

  • Ease of Use

Generally, the more intuitive and simpler it is to use the lubricant, the better.

  • Packaging

You want a lubricant that seals tightly as the last thing you want is for your home gym to turn into an unwanted slip-n-slide!

How to Lube a Treadmill

Going back to a previous point, a big part of what will dictate the application method is the packaging of the lubricant you have on hand. Does it come in an easy-squeeze bottle? Does it come with additional accessories like a tube to attach onto the tip of the bottle?

Here are the three easy steps when lubricating a treadmill belt:

Step 1: Determine how exactly the lubricant is meant to be applied based on the packaging or the manufacturer’s instructions.

If it is in a squeeze bottle, then you have to remove the belt entirely to lubricate it properly. If it comes with an attachment tube, then you just have to loosen the belt a little, just enough to slip the tube in.

Step 2: Coat the entire treadmill belt, focusing on the center where most friction is felt.

Step 3: When done, tighten or place the belt back.

How Often to Lube a Treadmill

Some manufacturers recommend that you lubricate the treadmill belt every three months or every forty hours of use. This timeframe, of course, depends on different factors. For one, you have to consider the weather where you live. If you live in a colder climate, then you may find it necessary to lubricate the treadmill belt more often.

Conversely, treadmills used in more humid climates may be more conducive to stay lubricated longer. Additionally, if your treadmill faces a heavy-duty usage, then you will want to increase the number of times you lubricate its belt. On the other hand, if your treadmill is rarely used and often tucked away in the garage, closet or storage room, then it is also best to keep its belt lubricated to avoid brittleness.

Final Thoughts

Given that there is little to no difference in the treadmill lubricant’s formula, as most are silicone-based, and that learning how to lube a treadmill and how often to do it are intuitive, it is then safe to say that maintaining a treadmill can be a piece of cake!

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